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Sales of Computing Hardware, Networking Gears & Software

Based on our strategic alliances with world class OEMs such as Fortinet, HP, Cisco, Dell, Asana, Microsoft, Redhat, Broadcom (Symantec), Acronis, Adobe etc. we are able to offer our clients various hardware & Software products/solution through the authorized channel at very affordable rates.

Software & Office Productivity Tools

We offer various Office productivity tools ranging from the OS to various applications as well Software as a Service solutions to enable Organizations meet their expected goals, we deliver this by partnering with world class solutions providers like but not limited to Microsoft, Redhat, & Asana.


We know that all organizations rely on IT as a business enabler and as such downtime and data loss can have a high potential cost impact. Our storage and data management solutions enables our clients to optimize the storage, retrieval, backup and recovery of data to ensure business continuity, compliance and fast access to information


We are experienced in the implementation of the following solutions for the enterprise Network: Structured Cabling Systems, Optic Fibre installations, LAN Switching, Virtual Private Networks, IP Surveillance and corporate PABX.


Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise and continue to pose serious threats to our digital economy. New and existing infrastructure, including Internet backbones, mobile and fixed broadband networks, data centers, and cloud-based platforms, are constantly being exposed to these threats. Today’s hackers have an evolving arsenal of tools that can penetrate both public and private networks and attack vulnerable systems, devices and programs.


Our solution for desktop and server infrastructure reduces the cost, risk and complexity of deploying desktops, servers and applications. We deploy, migrate and support Redhat Linux, Windows Server and related services such as Active Directory, Clustering and Storage services, Disaster recovery, group policy, and update services.

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